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underwater hotel dubai beach story top 300x168 Creating Ashtar Communities of Light On Planet Earth by CmdrAleon and the Ashtar CommandCreating Communities of Light on Planet Earth by CmdrAleon and the Ashtar Command.
The Command has telepathically downloaded important information on creating new communities of light connected to the Ashtar Galactic Command on Planet Earth in the times ahead of us.
These communities will be places that will connect with each other on a very high frequency of light coming in from beyond this orb.
We are not speaking of your traditional communities that now exist on the planet.
On our worlds beyond yours we live and interconnect with the source that has given each of us life.
Our cities and other area’s of galactic life are all connected to source always.
When we build a community it is with great love and devotion to the creator nothing is left out in the light communities that exist beyond your planetary system.
On Earth you have currently structures created that in many ways are disconnected from the creator of all life in the multiverse.
There are many spots around Planet Earth that have portals to other dimensions of existence for millions of years on your Planet.
In the Past places like Lemuria and Atlantis were built on locations where space portals existed and still do today.
So to create the New Ashtar Communities on Earth we will share some ways this can be accomplished.
The first being to connect with like minded conscious humans where you reside.
dome structure 300x199 Creating Ashtar Communities of Light On Planet Earth by CmdrAleon and the Ashtar CommandThis might be 4 people or 40 people.
The next part is to sit mediate together and come up with a design for your Ashtar Community.
What will it look like in a farm area , a small village,or a city etc.
If you have open space this is a good place to build the Ashtar Community.
This will also be a place where your Space Brothers and Sisters can peaceful come and visit when they wish to without being detected by your Governments.
There are energy sources that can be used today in these communities.
Such as your Tesla Free Energy devices,certain crystals that are of a very high frequency integrated in all the communities.
Living spaces that would be created would be designed with the highest vibrational energies possible by you the designs of such Light filled places around the Planet.
Each of these communities will be created in all corners of the Planet Earth.
The food you eat can be both grown on the lands where these communities are created.
Each Ashtar Community will have a center to meditate and connect always with the Christ energies and God Universally.
The meditation centers will be circular in form and bring in the energy of the Sun’s Divine light.
Cosmic Education will eventually be part of these communities to allow for the understanding of the Universe to be taught to the Children and Adults who have been programmed by the current systems of the Old Earth Energies and Schooling system now on the Planet.
Many of you will in these Ashtar Communities be the teachers and students.
Creating new realities from old realities will take time but in this time of great transformation can be accomplished.
When you plant a seed the roots will take place and the flower will evently grow from the branch of that seed you have planted.
round glass living quarters 300x200 Creating Ashtar Communities of Light On Planet Earth by CmdrAleon and the Ashtar CommandWhen you water it and cultivate it with love it will shine brightly for all to see.
Our connections here through the use of computers will be an important part of the development of these ideas and realities that will be know as Ashtar Communities of Light on Planet Earth.
As we create the foundations of the Ashtar Command into real Light Communities on Earth .
We will be bring the Light Communities in the etheric levels to Mother Earth.
This includes the Cities of Light off Planet which cannot be detected at this time but do exist as we are Ascending to the frequency of the Christ in the times ahead.
The building structures for these new communities will include crystal structures that will be dome in shape,aswell as non Crystalized buildings.
They will conform to certian energy lines around the Planet aswell as the Cosmic Portals that exist in many parts of the World now.
They are explaining to me that the structures should be circular or Geodesic domes aswell
Also Pryamid Structures will be build in the New Earth Communities of the Ashtar Galactic Command. Here is an example of such structures.
Spaceship Structures also will be build that will operate in a very high vibrational frequency.
Here are some photos to give you some ideas to work with as you plan your Ashtar Communities now.
Your visions for the future can be planned now as we enter the new realities out of the old paradigm.
The structures of government has you know it now will shift completely and all will be decided from a cosmic understanding of life universal.
You have alot do to do now in these times ahead.
You are not alone where you are. Its just a matter of time when Ground Crew on Earth will find each other in the nations all around this orb.
This is just the beginning the spark that the Ashtar Galactic Command wanted me to share .I was downloaded this only a few days ago and they wanted me to now share this with all of you living here now.
Part of the Earth Changes and most importantly will be the change not only in Human understanding of the Universe but of our connections to the Stars which we have had before being born here and in our experiences living on this Planet now.
So lets make this a reality for that is part of the mission we have taken coming here in Human form at this time .
Its going to be a wild ride in the times ahead of us but one worth the trip.
Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,
Founder AGC
Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio
Sunday Mornings 11:30 AM Est
Contributing Writer
Sedona Journal of Emergence





Great concise article on what Agenda 21 REALLY is all about!-A.M.

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CURIOUS: Hey, Foster, I heard about a program called Agenda 21 that seems focused on Sustainable Development and preserving nature. What do you think of it?

 AGENDA 21: Think Globally, Enslave Locally — A Q&A With Thrive Creator, Foster Gamble

FOSTER: So glad you asked! My research reveals that Agenda 21 is a dangerous plan that appeals to our glaring need to protect the environment, but actually threatens to move us even closer to a police state. Let’s unpack it and do some critical thinking:

Agenda 21 was birthed at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development as a tool to “further sustainable development”. It naturally appeals to many environmentalists because on the surface it seems to address critical issues, including combating deforestation, conservation of biological diversity, control of pollution, changing consumption patterns, promoting health, and achieving a more sustainable population. Of course, those are all important. But let’s dig deeper.

Agenda 21’s plan for Sustainable Development includes:

  • A “Wildlands Project” to “protect wildlife habitat and corridors”. This can sound appealing given that so many species are dying due to irresponsible human development and the destruction of natural habitat. However, the ultimate goal of this is to erase any sign of human activity (houses, roads, trucks, etc.) from wildlands so eventually humans will be pushed out of wildland areas completely. This project allows people’s homes and land to be legally taken from them in the name of conservation, similar to the way “eminent domain” works now. Note that nothing about corporate pollution, fracking, coal or nuclear waste is addressed, nor the lack of choice people would have over their housing. I am confident that there are better solutions that protect wildlife and people’s rights, such as “trusts” to manage environmental resources that we share in common. You can learn more about them in our article on Environmental Solutions (scroll down to “Stage 2” to learn about successful trust programs).
  • Monitoring of everyone’s activities through “Smart Growth”, the federal Real ID Act, and the installation of “Smart Meters” on homes around the world to oversee and regulate energy consumption. Utility companies and Agenda 21 proponents claim that “smart meters” will make energy use more visible to the consumer in real-time, and this data can be used to lessen our impact on the planet. Again, this might sound attractive to some, but in reality “smart meters” are a danger to our health (they emit harmful radiation); allow for increased surveillance of our homes (every time a light bulb, appliance, or TV is used, that information is sent to your utility company — and can be shared with other companies and the government); and any appliance can be turned off remotely. To learn more about smart meters, and how you can stop them from being installed on your home, see my “Smart Meter” blog here.
  • Population control. Again, some people may agree that there are too many people on the planet and that our current rate of growth is unsustainable. However, Agenda 21 promotes forced sterilization and forcefully limiting the number of children per family. Research shows that populations stabilize naturally in relation to their environment when there is ample education, health and prosperity — all of which thrive in a truly free society of voluntary association — but flounder in totalitarian police states. As we have moved closer and closer to tyranny, our education, health and prosperity have all declined. More tyranny is not the answer.
  • The adoption of Common Core Standards (CCS) in public schools around the country. The stated goal is to mold children into “equals” by nationalizing standards, which proponents say is to lessen the “achievement gap”. In practice it allows the lowest common denominator nationally to determine the standard locally — an essentially socialist model of citizenship.

Agenda 21 seeks to make these policies involuntary. You and your family could be forced to fund Agenda 21 through taxation — as many already are — and then those dollars would be used to enforce environmental regulations that violate your rights. This has happened throughout history with governments around the world. But now we have a chance to say “NO” and choose a course that deals with environmental concerns in a responsible, ethical way, that doesn’t violate our rights by giving even more control to a centralized authority.

CURIOUS: But isn’t the central authority the United Nations? Don’t you trust them to watch out for our best interests?

FOSTER: Do you know who created the United Nations?

CURIOUS: I assume lots of nations came together to try to collaborate for world peace.

FOSTER: After WWI the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers funded meetings to try to create the League of Nations. It failed. After WWII they tried again, calling it the United Nations. TheRockefellers donated the land in New York City. This was part of the Council on Foreign Relations plan to create a front for the eventual one world government they were planning, as documented inTHRIVE.

In 1976, the Club of Rome then came up with the notion of controlling people’s lives through environmental regulations. Who wouldn’t go for less pollution, better city planning, and reduction of carbon emissions? It was a brilliant ploy, but with truly sinister motives.

The plan for global social engineering was conceived in the mid-1980s, and launched by the UN in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The primary mouthpiece was to be Maurice Strong, a Canadian oil tycoon. He was a Rockefeller agent, member of the infamous Bilderberger secret society, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, and the Aspen Institute (formed by fellow Bilderberger Robert O. Anderson of ARCO oil — whose logo is a missing capstone with an all-seeing eye). I wasn’t surprised to find Strong’s connections to these secret societies or families — in fact, it’s quite predictable. As explored in the movie, THRIVE, when you follow the money behind all major industries and sectors of human endeavor, it inevitably leads to big banking families including the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and Morgans. Strong appears to be yet another puppet in their game of enforcing environmental rules and regulations that look good on the surface and appeal to well-intentioned people all over the world, but in reality slowly chip away at their rights — and get us used to it.

My research indicates that Agenda 21 is a primary part of the blueprint of the New World Order agenda we describe in THRIVE. 178 national governments signed on to the 288 page “programme.” President George H. W. Bush signed on behalf of the United States. Since Agenda 21 was “soft law” and not a treaty, Congress had no role to perform. Instead, the cabinet agencies of the Executive branch of government were charged with implementing this ‘global to local’ program. In 1993, President Bill Clinton established, by executive order, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. Since Clinton’s order, every cabinet agency has quietly done its part to advance this plan. There are 600+ cities and towns already signed up in the US and 109 of them are in California, where I live.

CURIOUS: That’s a little scary. How is it funded? Is it with dues?

FOSTER: Yes, thousands a year from each town, paid with all of our property taxes, plus millions in subsidies from the Federal Government — once again taxpayer’s hard-earned income.

CURIOUS: I didn’t know that.

FOSTER: They would prefer that we didn’t. Do you know what their main stated goals are?

CURIOUS: Well, I think it’s to save natural resources and reduce population, right?

FOSTER: The architects of the plan rally around the concepts within their “three E’s” symbol. The three E’s are: social Equityprosperous Economy and quality Environment.

Sounds good, right? But they are simply appealing to our need, and desire, to transform our troubled world by using the usual Orwellian double-speak, just as they did with “No Child Left Behind”. “No Child Left Behind” appealed to people’s desire to have schools do a better job of educating children and assuring that teachers were doing their jobs. But in practice, NCLB actually:

  • Imposed a rigid one-size-fits-all framework that now relies solely on test scores to measure children and schools.
  • Instigated teaching to the test and a more dumbed-down curriculum.
  • Imposed high stakes testing which has increased the drop-out rate at schools across the country and has lead more schools to “push out” low scoring students to protect their “numbers”.

This same kind of disguise happened with the Clean Air Act, the Patriot Act, Operation Iraqi Freedom, among many others. We would be wise to discern the difference between how something sounds and what it actually achieves.

What might Agenda 21’s Three E’s actually mean if they just said it straight?

  • What they seem to mean by “quality Environment” is reserving natural resources and pristine eco-systems for corporations and the financial elite, while preventing citizens from being able to own and protect their own properties, instead driving them into urban environments and stacking them upon one another in high-rise dwellings, whether they like it or not.
  • Their idea of “prosperous Economy” means further centralizing control over money and trade rather than eliminating our fake, debt-based monetary system run by a private corporation (the Federal Reserve), or encouraging a true, un-subsidized, free-market in currencies, pricing and voluntary exchange.
  • Their version of “social Equity” is to further authorize the government to take people’s personally hard-earned money to re-allocate at their own discretion regardless of individual rights. It doesn’t empower people with strategies for increasing access to the money they earn.

Some call it the “Re-distribution of wealth through stealth”. I see it as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

CURIOUS: But when proponents of Agenda 21 go around to different cities, they hold open public meetings, where people get to give their input and actually be involved in the decision-making.

FOSTER: Let’s pause for a moment and make sure we’re being discerning here. Is there evidence that the banking elite behind the UN, the carbon tax, and cap & trade have taken our interests to heart? They are the same ones who are behind Agenda 21, after all. If they got away with manipulating us for their own gain before, does it make sense that they might just keep doing it until we stand up and say no?

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at those “community meetings” you mentioned, to see if the customary deceptions might be lurking in the shadows once again when the light of truth is shown on them.

The organization designed to micromanage communities around the globe is called ICLEI — The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Once again at first glance, it can sound like a good idea. But when local governments sign up, they are in fact signing up to pay dues and adopt globalist policies through what is known as the “Delphi Technique.” This is a process developed by the Rand Corporation for the US Defense Department where a highly trained, “likeable” facilitator uses divisive processes and covert shills in the community “audience” to subtly guide discussion groups and group conversation to come up with certain ideas and initiatives that have already been predetermined prior to the meeting. This hides the coercive imposition of the agenda by clothing it in pseudo spontaneity and fake inclusiveness. Communities are not aware that they are being “directed” in this covert way.

ICLEI methods also include infiltrating local governments and influencing policy changes through the use of funding incentives and rewards.

These are subtle processes and are important to consider when we contemplate the possibility that the deeper agenda might be to seize people’s homes, the natural resources, and increase control over people’s lives — under the guise of environmentalism. It’s a mixture of socialism and communism, referred to as “Communitarianism.” Of course, communities are wonderful…but as anyone in a socialist or communist community will tell you, the determining factor is whether or not what you are doing is mandated by a controlling government, or if it is voluntary.

CURIOUS: But we have to make sure that we steward the environment sustainably somehow, right? And share resources, and don’t overrun the planet with too many people? So how would we do that without programs like Agenda 21?

FOSTER: Yes, of course…but not in a way that would use the effort as a fake excuse to take over everyone’s lives, privacy, rights, and property! That’s where we have been heading with the New World Order. The economy, the ecology and the society are on the verge of total collapse leading to a totalitarian police state. Agenda 21 is just more of the same, perpetrated covertly by the same would-be controllers. We need to wake up and start asking the missing questions on which the survival and thriving of our species and planet depend:

  1. Is it voluntary?
  2. Does it violate our hard-won individual rights?
  3. Does it honor the wholeness of individuals and ecosystems alike?
  4. Is it honest?

Every “resource” we use alters the environment, but we can do it in a way that sustains the wholeness of the vital eco-systems on which life depends. This is not a free-for-all. If systems are violated in unsustainable ways, then the responsible individuals need to be prosecuted — instead of hiding behind corporate liability protections or being able to buy their way out. Imagine the leaps forward we would make in terms of pollution and protecting ecosystems if individuals inside corporations were held accountable for the actions of the corporation.

There is plenty of food to feed all the people on the planet and more if it weren’t for government subsidies and controls limiting distribution and honest trade. There is plenty of water for everyone if the people running corporations were prosecuted for fouling it. The release of “New Energy” technologies currently being suppressed by the state would eliminate quickly most of the coal and nuclear pollution.

A free society is not one without regulations. But the regulations need to be protective — of individual rights, voluntary association and honest interchange. The rules are to protect against fraud, counterfeit, theft, coercion, violence, breach of contract etc. They are not arbitrary opinions of politicians about how other people should live.

Which Philosophy?
Source Natural/Unalienable Rights
US Declaration of Independence
Community Rights/Agenda 21
UN Declaration of Human Rights
Purpose of government Protect unalienable rights of individual
— “Congress shall make no law …”
Control the individual for the greater good of a global community
— “Rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations”
In short You’re born with rights, government exists to protect them. You and the product of your labor belong to you. Government grants, restricts, or withdraws your rights according to its needs. You and the product of your labor belong to the community.

For Solutions strategies, tactics and groups operating in alignment with these principles, I recommend immersing in the Thrive Movement website.

Let me ask you…Which is more important to you — individual rights or protecting eco-systems?

CURIOUS: What an awful question. We shouldn’t have to choose between our rights and a healthy environment.

FOSTER: Well said. And that is exactly what I am getting at. Restoring and protecting our environment can’t happen at the expense of human freedom, personal ownership and voluntary exchange — or we will be trading one catastrophe for another.

CURIOUS: I didn’t think of it that way before. Sometimes you sound like a Republican and sometimes like a Democrat and sometimes like a Libertarian! I would call myself a Progressive Democrat — a true Liberal, and we are for saving the environment for the good of the group. We all have to pull together. But I don’t want to give up our freedoms to do that. Are other political activists also against this?

FOSTER: I am not an adherent to any political party. I believe in Liberty, of a truly transpartisan nature. But I realize we have to start where we are to get to a truly free world, and for that we need to take the best of what all parties, and world views, have to offer.

In terms of Agenda 21, during the last decade, opposition to Agenda 21 has increased within the United States at the local, state, and federal levels. During a space of 18 months in 2011 and 2012,138 ICLEI member organizations woke up and quit. In July 2013, ICLEI USA removed their membership list from their website. The Republican National Committee has adopted a resolution opposing Agenda 21, and the Republican Party platform stated that “We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty.” Several state and local governments have considered or passed motions and legislation opposing Agenda 21. Alabama became the first state to prohibit government participation in Agenda 21. Many other states, including Arizona, are drafting, and are close to passing legislation to ban Agenda 21.

Democrats are resisting, too. More and more people are realizing this isn’t a partisan issue. It’s an issue of intrinsic and unalienable human rights. The political parties are being played off against each other once again, while the controlling elite take over the money, the land and the people. Rosa Koire, a leading activist on this issue maintains a website called, “Democrats against U. N. Agenda 21”.

Her book, Behind the Green Mask — U.N. Agenda 21, recounts her own discovery of the true agenda and her courageous attempts to keep it out of her community. She and Albert Burns have both delineated clever, effective ways to expose and dissipate the manipulative techniques used by the Agenda 21/Delphi facilitators.

Agenda 21 is a very shrewd and comprehensive approach — but I am convinced that the unstated goal is further coercion, domination and control. What is needed in response are equally comprehensive, whole-systems strategies — but ones that focus on liberation and restoring wholeness to both individuals and to eco-systems — without violating anyone in the process.

CURIOUS: What about “Transition Towns?” Isn’t it a good idea to “transition” to more sustainable ways of living?

FOSTER: Of course, we need to develop sustainable practices. We nonetheless need to be discerning about government-imposed “solutions”. A key to understanding Transition Towns is recognizing that the organization was founded and operated out of the United Kingdom as a creation of the British Fabian Socialist Society. Transition Initiatives require local communities to conform to “Energy Descent Action Plans”. The same people who are imposing this Plan are the ones suppressing “new energy technologies” — technologies that obsolete the notions that energy is scarce and that using it has to be intrinsically polluting. We live in a boundless sea of energy that can be accessed cleanly, safely and inexpensively.

Could the “Energy Dissent” serve as a disguised means of maintaining the old paradigm of scarcity, limiting access to energy for poor and middle class people while the elite corporate controllers (and polluters) continue unrestrained?

We need to go beneath the surface language and ask, “transition to what,” “by whose authority,” and “by whose funding?” And how do we avoid simply replacing one problem (pollution) with another (tyranny)?

If your own research convinces you that Agenda 21 is a threat, here is a collection from some of the experts, of specific action steps you can take.

 AGENDA 21: Think Globally, Enslave Locally — A Q&A With Thrive Creator, Foster Gamble

SOLUTIONS — 10 Action Steps
Strategies and Tactics to Defeat Agenda 21

  1. Get informed.
  2. Take back language like “sustainability” to make sure it is based on the non-violation of human rights.
  3. Spread awareness on blogs, social media, and post flyers around your town.
  4. Connect with others in your local or virtual communities who don’t want their liberties and property taken away.
  5. Go to local meetings and expose the true agenda.
  6. Get good lawyers on your side and take action — here’s a good place to start.
  7. Educate your local politicians.
  8. Refuse local government receipt of federal or state money for new Sustainable Development programs because they breach the principles of liberty and suck money out of your communities.
  9. Avoid local government partnerships with the federal government, NGOs, foundations and corporations that advance the anti-liberty Sustainable Development Agenda.
  10. Learn and teach about human rights and the “non-aggression principle.” Do no harm. Reject transparent theft like “Eminent Domain.”

This entire mock dialogue is just a brief introduction to this critical and urgent issue. I invite you to dive deeply into it so that you won’t be duped to give up even more of your freedom while turning over our natural environment to the governments who are run by the corporations and banks.

Here is a short list of resources you might find useful:




Yup! That’s right! The US Government has a blank check for the next 4 months! -Bill

There is no debt ceiling in place, and here’s why
Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo News By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo News
15 hours ago
President Obama addresses the media during the government shutdown. (Reuters)
After 16 days of a partial government shutdown, the House and Senate finally, on Wednesday night, agreed on legislation to fund the government.
And according to almost every report, the funding legislation, which was quickly signed into law by President Barack Obama, also raised the nation’s debt ceiling.
What actually happened was that Congress voted to effectively suspend the debt ceiling from Oct. 17, 2013, through Feb. 7, 2014. In other words, they didn’t raise the debt ceiling ― they eliminated it altogether until Feb 7 of next year.
As it turns out, this is the second time this year that Congress has essentially turned over the keys on debt spending. And there’s every reason to believe it will do so again when both sides pick up this fight in a few months.
Allowing the White House to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval is a move reportedly favored by Obama, but conservative critics say it will lead to disastrous and unchecked increases in spending.
In 1917, Congress created the debt ceiling, technically known as the Second Liberty Bond Act.
Before the first debt ceiling was created, Congress has to approve each individual bond and increase in national debt. Passage of the first debt ceiling began the slow march of handing over power to the executive branch, allowing the president to issue bonds without congressional approval. The only requirement is that the total amount of bonds issued stay within the debt ceiling amount mandated by Congress.
But during the 2012 debt ceiling debate, Congress took this handover of power one step further by giving President Obama a set period of time to increase the debt ceiling at his discretion. The No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013 suspended the debt ceiling from Feb. 4, 2013, to May, 19, 2013. After that, the actual debt ceiling was raised, but only enough to allow the government to safely pay its debts through October 17.
As the Daily Caller explains, now most Americans effectively have no idea how much debt the government will accrue between now and the February deadline. And without a debt ceiling, Congress and the White House could conceivably raise the debt without limit.
The Washington Post explains that suspending the debt ceiling actually stems from an idea floated by Mitch McConnell back in 2011. Under McConnell’s proposal, the president would have the sole authority to raise the debt ceiling. Congress would then vote to approve or disapprove of the change. If it voted to disapprove, the president could then veto the disapproval. And as with any presidential veto, Congress would then have to pass a two-thirds majority vote to overturn the veto and effectively block raising the debt ceiling.
Regardless of which path Congress and the White House take, they’re likely to be wrestling with massive debt for a long time to come.
Technically, the U.S. has carried a national debt every year going back to 1835. The dollar amount continues to grow each year, even as it has become a smaller percentage of the overall federal budget in recent years. The federal debt reached its peak as a percentage of the U.S. budget during World War II.
That fact has led several respected economists, including former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, to question why we even have a debt ceiling.
“Why do we have a debt limit in the first place? We appropriate funds, we have tax law, and one reasonably adept at arithmetic can calculate what the debt change is going to be,” Greenspan said during an April, 2011, appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
“The Congress and the president have signed legislation predetermining what that number is,” Greenspan continued. “Why we need suspenders and belts is something I’ve never understood.”
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Neil Keenan answers: Why won’t the Dragon Family finance this battle we are having with the Cabal?

Posted on October 20, 2013by 

I have read the question why won’t the Dragon Family finance this battle weKeenan 1are having with the Cabal and my answer which is what they would say to me is, “Why should we?  You created your own mess, now find your way out.”  I have spent my own money fighting this battle realizing the Family will only come to my aid once the fight is over with.  This is our fight!!  We have made the mistakes by becoming complacent — even though the signs have always been there for us to wake up.  Even when it hit us in the side of the head we still would not react to save our own skins.  It has been people such as myself that took the step to right so many wrongs three years ago.

The Family will help us only after we win our fight.  They will not give us everything, but they will give us enough to begin anew.  If we do not win we most likely will be servants or dead.  It is as simple as this.  We must get off our backsides to save our world.  This is our fight, now let’s win it — and if not then at least let’s try and not allow ourselves to be bullied into our own demise.  It is our choice to Win or Lose and damn it, no matter what, I am pushing forward, even if alone.

You state they should assist me seeing I am helping them.  You are wrong, in essence I am using the Family’s support to fight our battle.  Not the other way around.  The Family has plenty of assets and what the West has stolen from them is such a little compared to what they hold, but it is their assets and they do not plan on financing the War against the WEST.  For who will this WAR be fought other than those living in the WEST?  This battle is ours to Win or Lose.  We have to step up in whatever way possible to fight these monsters.  Their plans do not include us and they are not like us but they will destroy us, our children, our families.

I do not depend on the Family at all at this time.  Yes, I know they are there, but I also know it is not their fight, so I do what I can to save us.  Let us pray that we do enough to WIN.  In my case I will do my best.  What will you do?

Neil Keenan

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Veteran Michael Relfe: Humanity is being targeted by a predatory hyperdimensional species

 By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – Former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe has released an Oct. 14, 2013 Open letter sent to the military leaders of many prominent nations asserting that “Previous members of the military made a grave mistake when they hid the reality of aliens from the people of earth. That mistake has been continued. That mistake could endanger the future of humanity forever. It is time to remedy this situation before it is too late.

“This battle against predatory species cannot be won by military might and technology alone. By now you know that this scenario involves energies and technology beyond your wildest imagination. For example, how can you hope to win a battle against an enemy when the enemy possesses jump gates and mind control technologies so that any head of government can be abducted and mind controlled at any time? And how can you hope to win a battle against an enemy that can hide itself from your perception?

“These predatory species, their technology and those humans that voluntarily serve them, can only be defeated by harnessing the cumulative might of the metaphysical and spiritual powers, as well as the intelligence, of the people of earth.”[1]

Former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe has authored The Mars Records, two books on the 20 years (1976-1996) he states he spent as part of the permanent armed force detail on a U.S. facility on Mars that was part of the security perimeter developed in our solar system against the attempted occupation by the predatory hyperdimensional species.

Agenda of predatory species

In his Open letter, Mr. Relfe states, “These predatory species work in secrecy because they are AFRAID of human beings. They are afraid of God….That is why, by subversive means, they have influenced the systems of earth to do all in their power to keep people enslaved. This includes:


  • Keeping knowledge of their existence and their evil intentions hidden, until it is too late.
  • Vaccinating people, which damages their metaphysical abilities.
  • Genetically modified foods and nanotechnology which damage the DNA of the body, so that metaphysical abilities and reproduction are destroyed.
  • Fluoride which damages the pineal gland, necessary for metaphysical abilities.
  • Numerous toxins to damage the body (See the book “You’re not fat, You’re toxic).
  • Lack of information of spiritual power and metaphysical abilities, so that powerful metapsychics do not develop their powers.

ET Abductee confirms presence of predatory species

On Oct. 15, 2013, a Vancouver, BC-based ET abductee confirmed numerous repeated abductions and electromagnetic tortures that he ascribes to a predatory hyperdimensional species that have stated their intent is to ultimately displace humanity on planet Earth.

ET Abductee – Hyperdimensional predatory species is threat to humanity


12 Steps to defeat predatory species

Michael Relfe recommends 12 steps to the military leaders he addresses

in defeating the attempted occupation by the predatory hyperdimensional species.

“Time is running out. All governments of all countries need to:

“1) Release all of the true information concerning alien invasion of this planet.

“2) Release the true information concerning the ancient things found upon the moon and mars.

“3) Release the true information concerning government developed advanced technology and its use in establishing off planet projects.

“4) Release the true information concerning electronic medicine so long suppressed and allow people to be healed of terrible degenerative diseases.

“5) Stop the vaccinations, which kill us and destroy our metaphysical abilities.

“6) Stop the GMO foods, which sterilize people after 2 generations. These ‘foods’ will end civilization and you will not have anything to defend.

“7) Stop the use of nanotechnology in food.

“8) Stop the MSG, Aspartame and Excitotoxins that brain damage us and kill us. These chemicals are poisoning your soldiers.

“9) Stop mind controlling and abducting people with metaphysical abilities.

“10) Openly recruit and employ with generous remuneration sane, ethical metaphysically gifted people to fight these predatory species.

“11) Punish and eliminate the corporations that prey upon the population, and that help predatory species enslave us.

“12) Remove Christians from the “terrorist” list. They are not your enemy. They are the enemy of the predatory species.

“Know that if you do the above, the people of earth will find ways to help you rid earth of alien parasites, by working in the spiritual and metaphysical realms in ways that you cannot possibly imagine.” 

Michael Relfe has sent Open Letter to Heads of the Military Regarding Defeating the Alien Presence to the “Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines of Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America.”

Predatory hyperdimensional species

Other whistleblowers from government – hyperdimensional ET liaison programs have also warned of an attempted occupation of Earth by predatory hyperdimensional species. 

One report states, “In 1964, U.S. intelligence expected a Grey/Reptilian ET takeover in 2000-2030. The current war between hostile extraterrestrial Grey/Draco Reptilian faction and humanity has been in development for a number of decades. 

“In his book, [whistleblower] Michael Prince reveals that in 1964 U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that a Grey/Reptilian extraterrestrial alliance had a timetable for a planetary takeover of Earth sometime during the 2000 – 2030 period.

“He writes, ‘On April 15th, 1964, two US intelligence personnel met under Project Plato with the Greys in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25th at Holloman air force base in New Mexico. This meeting was to renew the treaty that had started in 1934 again and was a psychological bid to buy time in order to solve the problem of the Greys and Draco reptilians. The upper levels of US intelligence now believed the Greys and Dracos had this planet time-tabled for invasion and takeover between the years 2000 and 2030.’”[2]

Ethical hyperdimensional species

Researchers such as Mary Rodwell have gathered replicable empirical evidence that ethical, hyperdimensional civilizations exist that are closely involved in the positive development of humanity. These include hyperdimensional civilizations of the Grey phenotype of which approximately 150 have been identified.[3]

Contact your congressman/Member of Parliament

A PDF of the Open letter can be downloaded at

Michael Relfe notes, “Please send it to your congressman as is – with our name. You don’t have to add your own name unless you want to.”

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