It is always in the Innermost Inside and not on the Outside where there are Beginnings of any Change – Archangel RaphaEl through Marc Gamma ~ 21.09.2013

AARaphael-II[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved Humans, this is the Archangel RaphaEl speaking. Another week has passed by and much again has happened. And also today I want to submit to you in this particular way all actual information about the latest developments.

As you could take from my past messages we are in the middle of great changes happening now which will become visible on the surface too. Still these changes are presently not to be seen on many a place for those who are not in the know what is happening in the entire context of all.


All those in the know of the background have known it already for several days. Planet Earth and all its inhabitants are steering towards some huge influx of energies or better said – this huge energetic influx will be coming on to you! During recent days the building-up of energies was an enormous one and will also be increased considerably until solstice and even grow as well furthermore.

This increase of energy will again lead to the fact that lower energies may not be able to survive nor exist furthermore. All this lower energy will lose more and more their “raison d’etre” (right to exist) and therefore may not be able to exert some influence on human mankind any more.

This is necessary in order that human beings may proceed forward into the direction of their ascension and be allowed to as well. All decision is upon you solely, my beloved humans! Time has come and is mature now to communicate some more details since there are signs on all fronts that the right time is now! Recently we have held ourselves consciously somewhat back since too much had been promised before and then we were not able to keep our promises.

This is to be seen quite differently now since there have been so many changes in the meantime which we could make well use of. Everything that will confront you with will knock you off your socks! All that you confront with will make you shake in your beliefs. All and everything will undergo some change within the next coming days. At first it will be at some slow speed but this speed will turn up more and more.

You will not be able to sense all increasing velocity as already more and more human beings will move onward through the portals of ascension. There are more people leaving the old earth and will arrive on the New Earth since they successfully could let go of the old earth and proceed forward to transition.

Don’t get desperate if you have not ascended so far. It is upon your soul which knows best when the time is right for you to ascend. This decision has been made long ago by your very own soul when there will be the right time for ascension. This is not defined by your consciousness – on the contrary – this is more some decision of your subconsciousness pulling the strings behind everything.

Shall we go to some other topic my beloved humans? Everything I described above to you will ever more become visible for everybody. As said before, in the beginning for all which know about its background-story and correlation and later also for those not being in the know nor partaking in it.

All that which will happen during the next days to come will have such a great influence on mankind – so that when later recalling these events you will marvel at everything having happened to you – since you will not stay being the same after next week. And finally you will also sense changes in yourselves. All changes which you looked for such a long time will start to manifest in yourselves and only thereafter on the outside.

Without any change in your inside there will not any change be seen around you on the outside – and this is exactly something many of you have not been able to understand even until now. If you want to perceive all those matters giving you some clear indication that change has happened – it is the prerequisite that these changes must first happen in your very and innermost inside.

It is not on the outside – but in your innermost inside where all change will start.

Concluding this message to you now: “Change as mentioned by me is that one which will take place in your innermost inside. Change occurring around you has already taken place only until now you have not been able to take notice of it!“

Having changed in your inside you will gain access now to all the changes around you and with your eventually new sight and consciousness you will finally become aware of everything new around you.

I’m wishing you a wonderful journey of discovery with everything you will recognize now. And such discoveries of yours will vary individually. Everyone will accordingly experience his/her very personal discoveries!

Your Archangel Raphael




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