Earth Seeds ~ Children of the Stars (with passage twelve from Earth Seeds, and a special message)

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This is the sixteenth panel in the Soliloquy of an Earth Seed graphic narrative.

To read the entire sequence, please go here.earthseeds17


Gaia is calling for us to hatch and become

the multidimensional beings we truly are.

And here is the video version:

Earth Seeds



Kobo (epub)

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United Kingdom (epub)

W.H. Smith

New Zealand (epub)


Australia should follow within a month (Angus and Robertson and Bookworld are slow to pick up new titles.)

And here is the twelfth passage from Earth Seeds.

The Power of Disempowerment

There exists in your world a strong resonance with the theme of disempowerment. It permeates your media, your schools, your government, your communities, your workplaces, your economy, and even your families. You are taught not to value yourself, but to respect and obey authority and do what you are told. You are taught the necessity of police, military, bosses, governors. And you are taught to fit into the system and not to buck it.

This theme of empowerment arose in your distant history for various reasons surrounding the development of your ego consciousness and unfortunate distortions in how your ancestors in that time viewed the nature of reality. This theme has been perpetuated by the misconceptions of those who seem to aggregate power and privilege under it, and through the ignorance and fear fostered in all others.

At this time of your time, those who benefit the most from this theme of disempowerment fear for the failure of the system they help to hold into place. Without this theme and this system, they perceive a world in chaos, where no one will benefit — mostly themselves. Because of their beliefs, they are blinded to the fact that the power they hold through this system is not true, not fulfilling and not sustaining. And they do not understand that a move away from this theme would be of greater benefit to them than all of the apparent power they have seemed to horde under this system.

Those in power within this paradigm fight to maintain the status quo. And because they control the media, the schools, the economy and the government, the system they support seems preeminent, destined to remain the dominant reality right up to the bitter end.

But this is not so. Due to the inherent defects of their paradigm, and given the feedback mechanism described by us, their paradigm of power through disempowerment will loose vitality and become a minor, backwater probability. The greater vitality of existence already flows into our probability.

Please do not dwell on this theme of disempowerment. We mention it here only because it is currently so pervasive in your media, your schools and your economy. When you encounter it, be aware that it is an old paradigm, losing probability for you. In focusing upon it, you resonate with it, sidestepping your own potential. Simply be aware of it when you see it, and know it for what it is. And continue on your way, to where we are.


And here is a special communication received just the other day,

pertinent for this point in our spacious and eternal now.

Be Aware of the Fear, Welcome the Light

 Over the past year, we have seen a change in tides. There is now more positive impetus in our reality than there is negative impetus. It is still very close; when you compare 51% positive with 49% negative, the negative is still vast. But the tide has turned for the first time in many ages, certainly since the dawn of recorded history. And we can build upon the positive impetus to move even further in that direction.

There are an elite, both among humanity and among outside forces, who have long fed upon our fear and who have striven to keep us limited. They have sensed this change in tides, and they are putting out a greet deal of effort and energy right now to keep us focused upon our fear and our limitations.

We can see this in the US threat to bomb Syria, in the life sentence of Manning and the pursuit of Snowden. We can see it in the programming of television news and crime shows. And we can see it in the actions of religious extremists and fundamentalists. Locally, there has been an increase in the vandalism of sacred sites and hate crimes against alternative lifestyles.

A lot of energy is being put into stirring up fear and limitations. And this energy has its greatest effect over those who are the most fearful and the most limited in thinking: religious extremists and fundamentalists. Many of them are striking out right now, trying to shout down anyone who is promoting the light, and committing acts of vandalism against anything that doesn’t agree with their beliefs.

What this means for us is that we need to be aware. Be aware whenever anyone is trying to stir up fear or promote limitation. Be aware, but do not allow yourself to be motivated by fear or straitjacketed by limitations. This is the goal of the powers that be: to force us into a fear-based mentality and keep us limited. Be aware when others try to infect you with fear. Send that person light and allow yourself to shine. Be aware whenever anyone makes a statement that implies limitations. Send that person loving freedom, and allow your own light to overcome any shadows that may be imposed upon you.

Be aware of the darkness, but move toward the light.

And remember, above all, the Earth endures.

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