Internet Filtering on Esoteric Sites

UK Internet Filtering on Esoteric sites may have already started with some people experiencing difficulty getting onto my site and other similar sites. Internet security comes up with a message saying the site may be ‘dangerous’ and is ‘non-trusted’. Okey Dokey! 

The good news is, you do have the option to ‘opt-in’ which I guess means you enter the world of ‘esoteric’ information at your own risk – whether it means you’re placed on a ‘Salem witch watch list’ I have no idea! The more people that are aware this is happening the better, otherwise one can just assume that specific sites have internet virus issues and this is certainly not the case! 

Everyone has choice no matter how crazy things get. I for one will opt in to continue to read from my favourite sites. Has anyone experienced the filtering yet, either going onto someone’s site or with others going onto your own? 

Onward and upward!


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