Just One More Mountain To Climb…?

Music to read by below:

So does it feel for many of you like we keep having to climb one more mountain to get to where we are going? At times it seems like we have been traveling forever and the thought of one more mountain to climb is almost more than one wants to bear. But surprisingly we are already here. We made it over the last mountain, we did quite a while ago. Once we realize there is no waiting for outside circumstances to let us be free such as defeating the dark ones, we are home. We are free in our hearts and minds and souls. Freedom it turns out was nothing more than our thoughts. I seems just about everything on this journey comes back to center, resting on our thoughts. Everything about our lives is about how we think. For so long the change we were seeking seemed unattainable and yet it was right here all the time, right in front of us.

There is a great deal of friction going on right now, a lot of people finding they are no longer able to communicate with people they once did. It can be heart wrenching when this happens but there is no need for long-standing sadness much like death, when you fully understand what is taking place. We are energy therefore we are constantly moving and shifting  and changing our frequencies. When two frequencies no longer are resonating on the same level, there is friction and discomfort, especially for the slower frequency struggling to keep up.

There is no need for long grieving over friendships fading such as with death. In death, once we come to understand we are eternal, that we have no end, death no longer is something to be feared. When we stop resonating with friends or family or even strangers for that matter, it is because we are no longer exchanging the same frequencies. One of you must move on not because you don’t care deeply for that person, but because you both are now causing friction and no longer flowing freely. It is not a personal thing at all to feel hurt by, there is no dumping your friends so to speak, you both are no longer feeling comfortable around each other and so it is time to let each other go and be who each must be. There is no right or wrong or who’s fault is  it involved. It just simply is and there is no judgment attached to it.

There seems to be a lot of this going on right now. I think we have suddenly made major shifts we might not have realized and those shifts are now showing up in stressed relationships. When I first began my journey this letting people go was such a drama and often painful. It was that way because I was firmly still attached to ego and all the issues it entails. The need to be right, rejection, jealousy, comparing, feeling less than. You name it and ego can whip it out in a heartbeat! Once you can let those entanglements go there is no longer upheaval and all emotions keeping flowing along and you move ahead to the next station on your journey. This process is by no means easy at all and it takes a great deal of devotion to wanting to move forward in life to propel you into understanding it all and erasing the painful moments ego delights in.

So as we settle into this new world, take heart in knowing we are already here. Remember you only have to deal with what it is you let into your reality, everything else is just window dressing going on in 3D. We choose our reality, we live our reality and we choose who we will interact with and spark with comfortably. There is no pushing any longer to make things go the way we want them. We have learned that things will go as they are meant to and we will flow along with them if we are meant to. The friction is now gone and only the light remains that allows us to float gently and be swept along in whatever direction life chooses we go in. Throw away the hiking stick and stay awhile.

Blessings to us all,








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