Lucas – The Free Will Honoured – One Is Limitless – Infinite – 8 September 2013

Square-InfinitelyQuartered-EndlessZoomIn seeing a story unfold still filled with thoughts of separation and limitations, control and manipulation it is you that can change the reality you think to experience. The so-called outer forces that you think  keep you bound or in check are no more. Those forces or entities or people, beliefs, etc,  have to obey the free will zone and you as a creator being and they know it.  See only that it is you allowing it still to be your reality to be controlled, limited or bound. There is nothing you need to do but  see that it is no more and be and create without limit.

The vibrational energetic frequency of source and your knowing to be unlimited and not bound to anything or anyone is the important thing you need to know. The ones still calling for separation, drawing lines in the sand are or have been warned that their actions against your free will will have  consequences as it is only One that exist anymore.  We all are One, regardless of our perceptions.

The one thing we only have to see is  that we need to be neutral, not willing to go that route again or not willing to be led or manipulated to go that way again and that is what makes those going against the free will powerless.  The just being  in the middle without polarities and duality constructs is the place no one can touch upon as all have a place at the table of Oneness. Unconditional love is keeping the middle space.

Know that no expectation can make things happen. No belief system or dogma or philosophy can make things happen. It is only you and you’re doing in what way ever (your inner knowledge from your heart-source connection)  that can make things happen.  You create reality even if that is a limited one. Know you can uncreate all that is not really at the core of you being.

Know you are limitless god creators in the multidimensional  space of One. There is no limitation that can be put upon you ever. The free Will will be honoured. But duality will not exist in the new space of vibrational frequency anymore as the origin of all has gone back to One:  the neutral zone.

So be creating your new reality, change the world to make it a better place for all in not waiting on someone or something to do it for you or saving you from… Be that what you always have been again. All those telling you you’re not capable, you have not reached a certain level, or you are not good enough or they are telling you you need a certain thing to do or have are deceiving you.

There is only you and you are a grand creator being that you only need to learn to know. The knowledge and power are within. You will see the power you have within and see no one or nothing can take or even match that power as we all are equals.

Love and Light,




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