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Executing The Plan Like a Precision Instrument

Executing The Plan Like a Precision Instrument
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Date: Friday, 13-Sep-2013 19:52:48

That’s a good question… 
Why ARE We Supporting Guys Who Want to Blow Us Up? 
And by ‘guys’ I refer to Obama, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, Levin, McCain, Liberman, Feinstein, Rogers, Chambliss, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bushes, Clintons, Berna(n)ke, Dimon, Blankfein, CIA, FBI, NSA, the CFR and the Pentagon – just to name a few. 
Since the international boogie man, al-CIA-Duh, is a mercenary terrorist organization, organized by, trained by, terrorizing by proxy for, and funded by the list above with fiat dollars, then why indeed is ANYONE supporting these psychopaths? 
A psychopath is a narcissistic extremest with no allegiance to anyone except themselves.
Another word for them is evil. 
They maintain, no allegiance to Life, no allegiance to common decency, to Humanity or peoples of any country. 
This Satanic Cabal institutionalized their planned destruction of America in earnest by organizing and planning 9-11, and all of the terrorist false flags since. 
They maintain a false front of ‘plausible deniability’ by giving lip service to ‘fighting their ‘war on(of) terror’ – when in fact – they are the real terrorists – and of course they will instruct their proxy mouthpiece, al-CIA-Duh, to try an end run around the Syrian debacle by promising to attack American soil, – giving these psychopath terrorists in suites a ‘reason’ to say: “See, we told you so”. 
Finally, Ben Fulford’s message of Sept 13 is, unfortunately, adequate. 
Or perhaps Mr Putin will just turn Saudi into a sea of glass, after demolishing the sitting duck US Navy in the Mediterranean. 
– or all three. 
Any way you slice it, without a miracle from somewhere, this cluster#### of idiocy is not going to end well… 
Why Are We Supporting Guys Who Want to Blow Us Up? 
: We knew that the Syrian rebels are mainly Al Qaeda, and that 
: the U.S. has been supporting these terrorists for years. 

: And we knew that rank-and-file Syrian rebels have: Burned 
: American flags 

: Threatened to attack America 
: Said: “When we finish with Assad, we will fight the U.S.!” 
: And said: “We started our holy war here and won’t finish until 
: this [Al Qaeda] banner will be raised on top of the White 
: House. Keep funding them, you always do that, remember? Al 
: Qaeda for instance.” 

: But even we were shocked to learn that the head of the Syrian 
: rebels is also the global boss of Al Qaeda … and that he is 
: calling for fresh terrorist attacks on America. 

: CBS News reports: Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri called has 
: called on Muslims to continue attacking Americans on their 
: own soil in order to “bleed” the U.S. economy. 

: *** 
: “To keep up the hemorrhage in America’s security and military 
: spending, we need to keep the Unites States on a constant 
: state of alert about where and when the next strike will 
: blow,” Zawahiri said. 

Reuters noted in February 2012 that al-Zawahri is backing the 
: Syrian rebels, and asking his followers to fight the Syrian 
: government. 

: But al-Zawahri has since taken control of the main Al Qaeda 
: rebel terrorist group in Syria: al-Nusra. 

: Terrorism experts at the Bipartisan Center’s Homeland Security 
: Project (co-chaired by 9/11 Chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas 
: Kean) report (page 24): A recent illustration of the 
: fractured nature of the al-Qaeda network was provided 
: during the spring of 2013 when Zawahiri [the global head of 
: Al Qaeda] personally intervened to settle a dispute between 
: Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). Zawahiri 
: rejected AQI’s assertion of control over al-Nusra and 
: declared the Syrian group to be under his direction. 

: In doing so, Zawahiri was trying to assert control over two of 
: al-Qaeda’s most virulent affiliates. AQI had mounted a 
: series of spectacular attacks in Iraq over the past year, 
: demonstrating that it was a force to be reckoned with. 
: According to the Congressional Research Service, there were 
: some dozen days in 2012 in which AQI carried out 
: simultaneous multicity attacks that killed hundreds of 
: Iraqis. And the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria is widely 

: acknowledged as the most effective fighting force in the war 
: against Bashar al-Assad’s regime. 

: Let’s put this in context. Most of the Syrian “rebels” are Al 
: Qaeda. The U.S. government has designated these guys as 
: terrorists. 

: Things are getting better, not worse: Al Qaeda is gaining more 
: and more power among the rebels. 

: And the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel have been backing 
: these guys for years. Indeed, we’ve long known that most of 
: the weapons we’re shipping to Syria are ending up in the 
: hands of Al Qaeda. And they apparently have chemical 
: weapons. 

: We’re arming the same guys who are threatening to blow us up. 
: This is even stupider than creating Al Qaeda in the first 
: place to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. At least then, 
: they didn’t threaten America while we were arming them. 

: supporting links in original article at: 

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