Contact: Melani Spencer
U.N.O – G.S.E.
International Media Coordinator
Brussels, Belgium – Under Universal Common Law, as of this sixth day of September,
A.D. 2013, formal and official Final Notice is given to the International Media, to publish
the truth about what is really going on in our world, instead of manufacturing
propaganda and pretending it is reality, in order to maintain the enslavement of
On December 25, A. D. 2012, the trustees of the One Peoples’ Public Trust (OPPT), via
their UCC filings (Refer: DECLARATION OF FACTS: WASH DC UCC Doc# 2012127914,
Nov. 28, A. D. 2012; TRUE BILL: WASH DC UCC Doc# 2012114776, Oct. 24, A. D. 2012),
lawfully foreclosed on the current, global corporate and financial system of slavery and
The corporate‐controlled governments and corporate‐controlled media agents have
refused to announce their own demise since the foreclosure – for obvious reasons.
Therefore, we have a duty to inform all People of the world about the U.N.
SWISSINDO/OPPT announcements, and to help people understand what happened and
how, and to direct them to the information that is necessary to start the process of a
worldwide transformation that we have all been waiting for.
The global media body, also known as the “Mainstream Media”, was duly notified of
these filings by the One Peoples’ Public Trust, on February 5, A. D. 2013.
From then until the present time, the Mainstream Media has failed to report, comment
or even acknowledge the foreclosure of the entire commercial and financial system.
Why not? Because it is an undeniable fact that the Mainstream Media is an integral part
of that same subversive global system; the very same system that is directly responsible
for enabling illegal wars, covering up war crimes, financial terrorism, genocide and
crimes against humanity. All of these atrocities and worse have been ongoing, at an
ever‐increasing rate, for more than a hundred years.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1624 (A. D. 2005) prohibits incitement to
commit acts of terrorism and calls on U. N. Member States to prohibit it by law, to
prevent such conduct and to deny safe haven to anyone “with respect to whom there is
credible and relevant information giving serious reasons for considering that they have
been guilty of such conduct.” The Mainstream Media’s ongoing complicity in hiding news of false flags events, and other heinous crimes is unquestionable, even though
conscience and common decency demand that the media has a duty to the public to
truthfully report on the ALL the material Facts; particularly when the exposure of
certain material Facts can stop a war and expose crimes against humanity.
In addition to the material Facts stated above, the Mainstream Media has intentionally
refused to even to acknowledge the United Nations Millennium goals, or the release of
funding from the U. N. SWISSINDO Trust, which could rightly be called the most
important event of the century, if not the millennium. The SWISSINDO funding can
immediately nullify the banker‐planned global financial system collapse, and remove
forever the debt slavery system, which the corporate governments and banks have
forced upon Mankind, through deliberate deception and vicious wars. Funding has
already been provided for application of amazingly powerful new technologies and
programs. Just one such technology is fully capable to clean‐up the Fukushima disaster;
a disaster of such epic proportions that it threatens not only all human life, but all plant
and animal life on this planet, as well.
Lieutenant General ZELENY D.
O.M.D. Military Forces Chief of Staff, (UNO-GSE)
Operational Command of the:
Provost Marshals, Judge Advocate General, and Special Operations
SOE – Special Operation Executive 95.105.137
Division 10 General (UN) ***
Grant’s Government Team (Thread ID: 1-1TB79N)


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