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The World Global Settlement Funds
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Picture: Pallets piled with US dollar bills. The World Global Settlement Funds.

(AB note: The World Global Settlement Funds, referenced on this page, should not be confused with the SG World Trust. The World Global Settlement Funds have in excess of $47 trillion to disburse to 140 nations across the globe. This due and lawful disbursement has been blocked by theWashington DC private corporation for more than three decades. The SG World Trust is much bigger, and older, than The World Global Settlement Funds.)

On this page, we deal with The World Global Settlement Funds (WGSF) at the top here. Lower down the page, we offer some background comments about the related Iraqi Dinar Revaluation story. Another closely related and urgent issue, Global Debt Forgiveness, is addressed on a separate pagehere. And some geopolitical background to the recent securance of the codes for the Global Collateral Accounts is outlined here (12.09.11).

On the morning of Tuesday 9th August 2011, a SWIFT noticed transfer of World Global Settlement payouts from Brussels to the US was intentionally stopped by the Obama White House. This unlawful interference led to Pasadena-based attorney, Al Clifton Hodges, writing a letter of information and protest to Manuel Sager, the Swiss Ambassador to the US. Switzerland is a World Court Lien Holder nation. There is currently a $47 trillion Lien in operation against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board.

Clifton Hodges is counsel for Michael C. Cottrell. Cottrell is in charge of the $10 trillion-plus US Dollar Refunding Project and is a WGSF Basel list payee. The USDRP, like the (official) Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Project, is part of the World Global Settlements refinancing programme.

The full text of Al Clifton Hodges’ Swiss letter of the 9th August 2011 can be read here. It was copied to Michael Cottrell, Lindell H. Bonney Snr ($14 trillion WGSF Authorized Signatory and Paymaster), Christine Lagarde (IMF), Chinese President Hu Jintao (Lien Holder), Queen Elizabeth II of England (Lien Holder), French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and the Washington DC private corporationpresident, Barack Obama. On the second page of his letter, Clifton Hodges refers to duly authorised Interpol agents currently present and active in the US on WGSF-related business.

On the evening of Thursday 28th July 2011, Barack Obama, the President of the United States, informed the World Court at The Hague that as long as he was President, he would not sign off on the World Global Settlement Funds. More background here (28.07.11).

Obama’s refusal to lawfully execute his responsibilities in this specific followed upon the wide circulation of a letter dated 7th July 2011, from Lindell Bonney to Dana Wilcox (full text here). The financial data set out in this letter showed that the US income taxes expected to be paid to the US Treasury from just four of the World Global Settlement Fund-related recipient-paymasters would amount to a sum in excess of $11 trillion. This would be sufficient to pay off most of the US national deficit and would pump-prime the US Dollar Refunding Program.

Situation updates from Al Clifton Hodges

On Friday 17th June 2011, the 44th President of the United States of America, Kenyan-born Barack Obama, had on his desk in the White House Oval Office primary legislation for a US Tax Provision relating to the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation cash-in within the US. The proposed legislation requested eleven per cent tax. The President refused to sign the document until he received more money in his personal off-shore accounts.

This executive refusal to sign further delayed the due and lawful disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds ($47 trillion), the implementation of the US Dollar Refunding Project ($10 trillion), the long-agreed global debt jubilee (universal debt forgiveness), and the introduction of the new precious metals-backed international currencies.

The text linked above is a letter dated the 17th June 2011 from Pasadena Attorney Al Clifton Hodges to the Chinese government through the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Zhang Yesui.

The direct Chinese involvement in the internal finances of the US dates from 2009 when a $47 trillion Lien against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board was taken out by élite monetary interests in the UK and China. More here (18.06.11).

Al Clifton Hodges’ letter of the 17th June 2011 was copied to Michael Cottrell (a Basel list payee for the US Dollar Refunding Project), Lindell Bonney (CIA, and also the UK’s MI6 Paymaster at Bank of America, Richmond, Virginia) and Hu Jintao (President of the People’s Republic of China).

The text cites the background involvement of the Kissinger-Bush-Clinton syndicate and Josef Ackermann (Deutsche Bank, Germany) in the illegal diversion of substantial tranches of the international funds for personal gain. More here (17.06.11) and here (14.06.11).

(AB note: There is more about the bona fides of the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation story at the foot of this page.)

Pasadena Attorney Al Clifton Hodges’ letter of Thursday 2nd June 2011 to the government of China citing JPMorgan Chase’s interference in the $10 trillion US Dollar Refunding Project
In the letter linked above, Hodges writes to the Chinese government through the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Zhang Yesui. The subject is the World Global Settlement Funds ($47 trillion+) and the US Dollar Refunding Project ($10 trillion+).

Hodges states that although the Lien-Holder personnel in charge of completing the World Global Settlements payouts were ordered by the World Court to complete all distributions by Wednesday 1st June 2011, this was not done because of the fraudulent and illegal use of certain of the funds by JPMorgan Chase.

Hodges’ purpose in writing to Zhang Yesui is to update the Chinese on the unlawful funding delay by US banking officials and to request decisive intervention by the Chinese Lien-Holder in completing disbursement of the World Global Settlement Funds. In the background is a $47 trillion Lien against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board taken out by élite monetary interests in the UK and China in 2009. More here (14.12.09).

Al Clifton Hodges’ Chinese letter of the 2nd June 2011 was copied to Michael Cottrell (Basel list payee for the US Dollar Refunding Project), Lindell Bonney, Hu Jintao, Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England – Lien-Holder), Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama.

Pasadena Attorney Al Clifton Hodges’ letter of Thursday 26th May 2011 to G8 Heads of State citing fraudulent financial conversion involving Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase
In the text of the letter linked above, Hodges addresses a criminal fraud which he states is being perpetrated in connection with the anticipated payments of the World Global Settlement Funds. In excess of $47 trillion is due to be disbursed to 140 nations across the globe. The monies concerned have been banked, ready and available for payment for the last eighteen months. More here(03.06.11).

Al Clifton Hodges reports to the G8 that Michael Cottrell, who is in charge of the $10 trillion US Dollar Refunding Project, has been advised that WGS funds transferred to JPMorgan Chase by Citibank have been commandeered for personal gain. Hodges says that the evidence circulating suggests that the principals responsible for the fraudulent financial conversion are Jamie Dimon ofJPMorganChaseDick CheneyGeorge Bush Snr, and John Mack of Morgan Stanley.

Al Clifton Hodges’ G8 letter of the 26th May 2011 was copied to Michael Cottrell, Lindell Bonney, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England), Nicolas Sarkozy, Hu Jintao and Zhang Yesui.

Update Friday 14th January 2011 from attorney Al Clifton Hodges regarding The World Global Settlement Funds, the Dinar revaluation and the CMKX payout.

(Below, ‘ER’ is short for “Economic Release”.)

Of particular note is the date that this is all supposed to happen: January the 21st.

As we all know, things can change, but at this moment in time, this is the current game plan.

1. There is a train for all this and the following is on the train… I have had this confirmed by one of the white knights who has been giving us information… you can believe this or not, it does not matter, but IT IS FACT… and matters not… 

THE ENGINE…===THE WHITE KNIGHTS AND CHINESE… they are pulling the train and the cars are: WGS..—THE NATIONS FIRST CAR====Prosperity Programs==Humanitarian Programs SECOND CAR====THE DINAR===REVALUE AND TURNS ON THE NEW BANKING SYSTEM THIRD CAR AND CABOOSE====CMKX… and the white knight said i understand this and those who don’t understand should pay attention to what i am trying to say and help… LAST IS THE DINAR … that starts the new banking system which turns on everything… and all gets paid at once… And all those who bought dinars, well they cash out… and thus more money to help out the economies of the world… 

If this is not done now, the USA and Europe will collapse with the rest of the world in 4, 5 months the most…make 1929 a picnic… this is very serious… pixie gets it… and understands… 

2. Tramp understands very well what’s been going on; he is not alone – Pixie gets it, Deltadon gets it, Chucky gets it, etc. etc. etc. 

3. I understand that you may not be happy with what’s going on. However, it is a fact and we are only a very small part of the pay-out scheme. We have had a great deal of ‘headwind’ in the past 6 to 9 months.

Unfortunately that is putting it altogether too mildly. We have confronted, with added pressure from the “lien-holders” without which we could not have succeeded, the vilest, most contemptible, well financed forces for evil on the planet – we have won!

A life changing event it will be for CMKX shareholders; more importantly, the world financial markets will be essentially re-constituted from the currency level up. 

4. To put it another way, the World Global Settlements, including the US Dollar Refunding Project, are real. They are the instruments of change. They are part of a world wide re-distribution of wealth which includes some 20 countries revaluation [up and down] of their currency, which will become asset-backed currency.

Yes, this does include Iraq which is the cheapest of the lot and therefore had [to prevent unreasonable manipulation] to go first. The very latest information indicates that it has revalued, that it will be posted on Forex sites sometime on Sunday, and will be fully convertible in the US by Tuesday.

5. Although CMKX payments were not originally part of the WGS, they were included by attachment earlier this year. However, be assured that CMKX moneys are not currently part of the WGS; I understand from a number of different sources that Global Intelligence of Las Vegas petitioned the US Supreme Court, in camera, just after Christmas to separate CMKX pay-outs from any association or attachment with the WGS. I understand further that the Court issued an Order for the Trustees to pay-out the moneys within 48 hours, which time expired on or before December 31, 2010. 

I have received further information that Global Intelligence has not effected said pay-outs, has been fined some $150,000,000 on or about January 4, 2011, and is presently incurring additional fines at the rate of $13,000,000 per week. I have not been successful in any of my attempts to secure explanation from Global Intelligence.

6. Although at first blush this lack of performance may seem potentially criminal in nature, I believe there is a reasonable explanation. I am aware, for example, that many of those I have previously referred to as ‘miscreants’ have in the interim been duly relieved of the money they stole [which has now been recovered by the US], are still feared by the new-financial-order people; the fear is that to the extent they can obtain cash/financing, they would use the IQD revaluation as a means of replenishing their war chests.

There are other reasons related to the big picture, which may also play a part in this delay. I know this will come as a shock to some and seems unfair on the surface, but the fact is that we are but a small part of what’s happening [and must happen] to correct the financial imbalance in the world.

7. Several months ago, due to the on-going delays and increased ‘headwind’ the Joint Chiefs of Staff were appointed by the World Court to supervise the conclusion of the WGS; they were given a deadline of December 31, 2010. Based upon this and the progress that was being made in early December, I opined [which has been widely reported] that if I were a betting man CMKX would be paid out by Christmas. Unfortunately, not even the JCS were up to the task. Accordingly, on January 1, 2011 the World Court appointed one of the lien holders, China, to take charge and supervise the conclusion of the WGS payouts. They are currently in charge and proceeding to bring the matter to conclusion. I am currently advised that all will be completed by January 21, 2011.

8. Prior to the recent change of process by the Chinese lien holder it was a requirement, based upon BASEL, that ER be obtained prior to the time that certain other payments could be made. As I have previously stated on many occasions we were waiting for Michael Cottrell and his companies to receive their payments as they were Number 20, the very last payee, on the BASEL list. Because the Chinese lien holder has changed the process, I now understand that Michael Cottrell will be paid on or about January 21, 2011, after all of the Prosperity Program money has been paid out which is estimated to take between 4 – 5 days.

This is no way suggests that ER continues to be a requirement of the release of CMKX payments. As set forth above, I have tried desperately to contact Global Intelligence to secure their agreement to authorize immediate release of the CMKX packages, as I believe that the reason for delaying their delivery has now evaporated. 

9. I have been told by three separate independent people, each of whom attest that they have personally viewed at least one package, that the CMKX packages contain written information as well as a preliminary payment in the form of a U.S. Treasury Check in the amount of $0.80 per share. The information that has been previously placed on the boards to the effect that the packages were prepared and were ready for distribution is accurate to the best of my information, knowledge and belief. I further understand that the packages remain ready for immediate distribution as soon as Global Intelligence determines, and/or is advised, that such distribution is approved.

10. Some have inquired whether registration with the Transfer Agent makes them a bona fide shareholder; in a word – YES. Some have asked whether I have had response to the letters which I have submitted to the Queen of England and others including POTUS; I have had direct response from the Palace and have seen rapid evidence of the efficacy of the other correspondence that has been submitted.

Others have requested information regarding the identity and whereabouts of the CMKX Trustee and/or Trustees. This information can not be made public at the present time for security reasons; I am sure that you will hear more about this in the very near future.

A. Clifton Hodges (CSBN 046803) HODGES AND ASSOCIATES Pasadena

Source here (14.01.11). 

Al Clifton Hodges letter to Ben Bernanke – Wednesday 22nd September 2010



TEL (626) 564-9797
FAX (626) 564-9111

September 22, 2010
Ben S. Bernanke
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System
20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20551

Re: World Global Settlements

Dear Mr. Bernanke:

I represent Mr. Lindell H. Bonney, Sr. with respect to collection of certain funds currently being held by the Federal Reserve System; Mr. Bonney has both a personal ownership interest and a fiduciary interest in such funds. I also represent certain other payees of the World Global Settlement funds; each of these payees have exhausted their ability to continue waiting for distribution of the funds to which they are entitled.

We have been able to ascertain that these funds have been utilized, apparently with the approval and consent of the FED, for short term lending/hypothecation cycles which have allowed recovery of substantially more than 3% per day of the principal in addition to the FED transaction fee of 10%; we have now received confirmation that the FED has in fact received payment. These actions are obviously in violation of several Treaty agreements, as well as a plethora of Federal Laws and banking regulations, and expose each participant to both criminal and civil RICO actions.

The purpose of this correspondence is to put you and each member of the Board of Governors on notice of these illegal actions in connection with the continued refusal of the FED to disburse monies due to be paid to Mr. Bonney in his personal and fiduciary capacity. Although we have previously been advised that the funds were available for disbursement, “something” has always been amiss when the scheduled time has arrived. On each such occasion, Mr. Bonney was ultimately advised that the money had, for unexplained reasons, become unavailable.

Please be advised that we intend to hold you and each member of the Board of Governors jointly and severally responsible for a minimum of 10% per day recovery on the entire balance of the funds currently held for distribution to Mr. Bonney in his personal and fiduciary capacity. In the event that you and/or any of the Board of Governor members wish to discuss possible resolution of this issue please contact the undersigned directly; in the event that I fail to hear from anyone I will pursue all available remedies, including immediate disclosure of these defalcations to the media.

Very truly yours,


Cc: Mr. Lindell H. Bonney, Sr.
Lynwood Maddox, Esq.
Kevin M. Warsh
Elizabeth A. Duke
Daniel K. Tarullo
Comptroller of the Currency
Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond, VA
Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland, OH

Source here.

AB comment: The core global issue hinted at above is why the Chinese were in town on Wednesday 19th January 2011. This is why Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, will leave office before the natural end of his presidential term. This is why the US Federal Reserve Board and the US Department of Homeland Security will soon be abolished. This is why America is returning to Constitutional Law.

Massive geopolitical tectonic plate movements are about to break surface. The Western mainstream media will be unable to suppress the news. In January 2011, Tunisia was a model for theWashington DC private corporation to ponder. The Whore of Tunis fled to Saudi Arabia. Very soon there will be no Al-Saud Arabia available for the sheltering of parasites. And the Wahhabifiction will dissolve.

What is incubating now is massively benevolent for global polity, but still covert. It relates toNESARA, the opening of Pandora’s Suitcase, the discovery of a Roman Catholic Conspiracy at the heart of the US legal system, and a Silvio Berlusconi-linked $1 trillion lawsuit against Daniele Dal Bosco, the P2 masonic lodge in Italy, the Davos World Economic Forum, and the United Nations.

At the level of esoteric spirituality, or future science, the World Global Settlement Funds have some powerful proponents moving due process forwards. And there are some bizarre, low-grade opponents. Advanced, benevolent extraterrestrials are involved in energising, protecting and supplying intelligence to the humans among us charged with the task of manifesting economic delivery of the funds. And one ascended spiritual master (Violinio Germain) has a physical office in the White House in Washington.

On the negative side, a lot of the (apparent) human beings visibly active in American politics, banking and military management are not ensouled human beings at all. They are very intelligent meat-robots, sometimes referred to as human clones. These holographic, mind-controlled doppelgangers are doing everything they can to game the Western economic system and frustrate the lawful delivery of the international prosperity funds.

A background update on some of the ongoing élite US interference in the disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds can be found here (25.09.11).

The Iraqi Dinar RV story

Note of caution about the Iraqi end of the Global Dinar Revaluation Programme
There may be a negative metanarrative at work on the web here. The Dinar is the official unit of currency in several countries including Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Macedonia, Serbia and Tunisia. Specifically, it is the Iraqi dimension of the Dinar Revaluation programme which is beginning to look flakey. The following text is from the Casper intel group update of Friday 21st January 2011:

“No doubt you have noticed that I, and WE, have shied away from the Dinar Dialog going on all over the internet. First, it is not ‘our business’. Second, WE know what it is like to have ‘ignorants’ talking about our business when they know less than nothing. Third, WE do not enjoy bringing bad news to anyone about anything and do so only when WE are convinced our Intel is correct.”

“In this instance WE began to hear weeks ago that the Dinar Deal was/is a SCAM being implemented by the US Corporation/Obama/Hillary/Biden. Iraq in still another attempt to save themselves. Just the latest in a long list of scams we heard, many of which were disclosed here (Casper updates on FourWinds10 and Rumor Mill News), to raise the Trillions necessary to continue their Fraudulent Financial Playpen, themselves in power, as their Bank Accounts were frozen around the world. This ‘scam’ was, we heard, the reason why Hillary was recently in the mid-east. Also Biden even more recently.”

“There have been so many positive things posted about this Iraq RV. So many of you have ‘invested’ and held out hope it would work as described. Our Intel in this regard was not secret but we had no desire to discuss someone else’s business publicly, especially since our info did not agree with the positive things being posted. Recently however I have questioned whether silence is just a way of dodging what we believe to be the truth. Also whether, if I were an ‘investor’ in the Iraq Dinar RV, I would rather have all Intel available or just the ‘good news’ postings? I have decided to discuss this subject, to clear my own conscience (about remaining silent) and hopefully to help those involved who I believe are being mislead by TPTB.”

“As I understand it, this was yet another plan designed by ‘the bad guys’ to raise Trillions for the purpose of continuing the status quo. To do so they planned a RV of the Dinar but it had to be backed by metals or it would remain just another worthless Fiat currency. The plan was to ‘Securitize’ the Iraqi oil ‘in the ground’ income stream for the next hundred years with derivatives using it as collateral for a metals backed re-valued Dinar.”

“While small investors would have made some money it was the US Corporation which would have made the Trillions necessary to continue their scamming and world control financial machinations. This deal was, WE hear, ‘blown up’ a week ago (second week of January 2011).”

“Had it worked as planned ‘they’ would have acquired the ‘recapitalization’ of their criminal enterprise allowing them to semi-permanently continue to block the distribution of the Settlements/Prosperity Program Fundings. Now, judging by the dozens of articles appearing on the net, the world is finally awakening to the unbelievable levels of corruption that is the Obama Administration. Multiply all you are now reading by a hundred.”

“Are we 100% certain about this Dinar situation? No, I am just reporting our Intel from a week ago (second week of January 2011) which has been reinforced with additional Intel today. (21.01.11)” 

AB comment: If what Casper suggests above is accurate, poor old Donald Trump may have been suckered into the scam bigtime. Details here (20.01.11). Alternatively, Trump may have been deliberately running up a false flag for the benefit of the Constitutionally-illegal Washington DC private corporation. Or, of course, he might be buying sound, non-Iraqi dinars from more reliable Asian sources further east. Casper returned to the subject of the Iraqi Dinar Scam in May 2011 (fourth paragraph here – 07.05.11). And he cited an additional authority here.
On Saturday 18th June 2011, Casper returned once again to the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation story in the following words:

“Regarding the Iraq Dinar R.V. you are aware of our Intel as previously reported. From the beginning WE were informed it was another scam by TPTB looking desperately for ways to recapitalize themselves. Now comes W.H.R. #21 saying TPTB (Obama) is attempting to use this as a method of extortion. WE hear Obama is just the ‘front man’, the scheme originated with those much smarter than he (Bush).”

“WE believe, having paid close attention to this Dinar R.V. proposition for many months now, that the R.V. has already occurred. It occurred when this virtually worthless ‘wallpaper’ currency was ‘flipped’ to the general public over time via the internet for whatever multiple of worthless people were willing to pay.”

“Our intell continues to say that the ‘bad guys’ will not be allowed to recapitalize themselves in this manner so naturally bad guy Obama is throwing another fit and attempting to ‘extort’ the world into making himself, the Clintons, the Bushes and many others personally wealthy and to hell with the country and the people of the country.”

“Pure unadulterated EVIL is not that difficult to spot if people will simply open their eyes. While WE feel an obligation to report this negative R.V. outlook to you it is possible WE are simply wrong in our analysis or perhaps TPTB will somehow be excluded from cashing in as Iraq and the ‘regular folk’ do participate in an R.V.. WE could write more about this but it is not our business and WE are not currency experts although WE have discussed this with currency experts and many bankers from New York to Europe to China who each say ‘nothing to it’, ‘good guys not going to allow bad guys to get rich in this way’.” Source: eleventh paragraph downpage here (18.06.11).

On Monday 18th July 2011, Casper returned to the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation story in the following words:

“I regret to report that nothing has changed regarding our intell about the Dinar Revaluation. WE do hear and keep up with the daily updates from many who believe in this and from many who claim to be ‘in the know’ for one reason or another. Our Banking Sources, Currency Trading Sources and ‘Players’ in Europe and China continue to say ‘nothing to it, it’s a CIA Scam’. The ‘negative side’ of this analysis continues to say “this would recapitalize the bad guys, do you think we are nuts”? With a phone call you can purchase, this morning, One Million Uncirculated Iraqi Dinars for $1240.00 Fed Res/American Dollars, which, according to true believers, will be worth many thousands of times that purchase price by ‘tomorrow’, certainly by the next day.” Source: third paragraph downpage here(18.07.11).

On Thursday 26th January 2012, Casper again returned to the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation story with the following comment:

“The IQD R.V. has not happened. OUR position has not changed, we hear from ‘sources’ it is a financial scam led by Senior, Clinton, Obama and others to obtain funds to continue the ‘Status Quo’. How much money do you suppose ‘they’ have already collected from their worldwide sales of warehouse’s full of worthless Dinars? Which of the corrupt ‘Leaders’ in Iraq do you suppose are in on the scam, assuming it is a scam? It seems to us that should an R.V. occur under the current Fiat Banking System the ‘Bad Guys’ will have recapitalized ‘the status quo’ and would then block the Global Settlements and Program Disbursements permanently. For this reason WE view any R.V. as possible only AFTER the new Banking System is opened up. And by the way, those of you who have believed in the R.V. literally at any moment for the past year if not longer, where do you expect the money to come from to back, said R.V.? Iraq has no such funds and that is public knowledge. So you are going to walk into a Bank and say, here are my Dinars, pay me? Where is the Bank to obtain the funds to pay you? Do you think they pay you then send the dinars to Iraq? Iraq has no serious monetary reserves.” 

“That’s why our original report on this subject six or eight months ago said (sources said) Bush and his corrupt allies are trying to use Iraq’s ‘oil in the ground’ to back an R.V. of their Dinar.” 

“If that were allowed what do you think every third world country in the world with mineral deposits would immediately demand?” Source: fifth paragraph downpage here (26.01.12).

On Saturday 4th February 2012, Casper addressed the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation story again:

“WE continue to hear that an R.V. of the IQD is an effort by Bush and allies to generate TRILLIONS to recapitalize their Fiat World and if accomplished will result in the Global Settlements and Program Disbursements being blocked permanently. You are aware by now of Obama’s Oval Office meeting last Friday with Senior and JEB and others not shown on television. And days before that Kissinger is in China with JEB introducing him to Jinping (spelling) who is to replace Jintao this year. WE can’t prove our opinions as laid out here are right, in fact we hope they are not right. Our sources laid this Bush led IQD scenario out for us long ago when it first made news as Dinar sales lit up the internet world wide. Warehouse’s full of worthless paper, we were told at the time, being pawned off on an innocent public with the sales pitch that ‘oil in the ground’ would be used to justify a currency revaluation. Sales slow? Dump some ‘good news’ B.S. into the air waves. The interesting thing to us is that our ‘sources’, after months of knowing what others are saying, are sticking to their original investigative outcome and so far they are still 100% correct, no R.V. has occurred. This is seemingly a very critical issue. If ‘they’ obtain more Fiat Trillions from this endeavor it seems to us ‘Bad Guys Win’ or said better, they extend the Status Quo for a considerable period of time. On the other hand, if an R.V. of the Dinar is but one of 190+ currencies being simultaneously revalued then it seems reasonable that the Fed Debt Instrument known as the ‘Dollar’ would be De-Valued dramatically perhaps explaining how ridiculously high ‘rates’ being quoted on various internet web sites could be real.” Source: end of third paragraph here (04.02.12).

On Tuesday 28th February 2012, Casper returned to the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation story:

“The IQD R.V. crowd waits impatiently for what we have heard from day one is an attempted scam by Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. as they attempt to turn sows ears into silk purses by turning warehouses full of worthless paper into Trillions of Dollars for the purpose of saving their existing Corrupt and Fraudulent Fiat Financial Playpen. Our sources say that should an R.V. ever happen it will only be in the context of all the worlds currencies simultaneously. How much money do you reckon has been raised from ‘the people’ worldwide via the sale of Iraqi ‘Toilet Paper’? Where do you suppose that money has ended up? How much you reckon, Billions? Hundreds of Billions? More? From someone’s perspective the R.V. has already occurred. ‘They’ have already ‘cashed out’. “They” (the sellers), have declared ‘the people’ to be the ‘Enemies of the State’. Where ever you look the rape, robbery and pillaging of the people is underway while ‘they’ are simultaneously ‘herding’ the sheep (you and me) into the corrals of their Police State.”

“The R.V.ed Dinar at $12.36 says some of the ‘Dinar Guru’s’. Are people really this nuts? A backwoods war torn country to have a currency 12X the value of the world’s reserve currency? Not unless the ‘Dollar’ is simultaneously devalued by 90%….Perhaps they actually mean 12 Dinars necessary to buy a Dollar giving it a value similar to the Mexican Peso, twelve to the dollar?”

“Why the never ending lies to the Dinar Crowd? To sell more Dinars obviously. They remind me of ‘us’ 20 years ago and here we sit.” Source: sixth, fourteenth and seventeenth paragraphs here(28.02.12).

Picture: Anyone for Iraqi Dinars? Yes please, Lord.


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