Propaganda mind control: turning truth backwards by Jon Rappoport September 25, 2013

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Wow! Jon is making a powerful, tough statement here! Go for it, Jon! ~J

Now and then, if you take a popular advertising or PR slogan and turn it backwards, you get something more interesting.

Remember GE’s “Progress is our most important product”? Try “Product is our most important progress.”

Or “There’s no I in team” becomes “There’s no team in I.”

More esoteric? If you have a little surrealism in your blood, you can do a Zen koan with “Think outside the box,” making it, “Box outside the think.”

Propaganda mainly exists to put the truth backwards, because for some reason people like it that way.

The Vatican has some high-level propaganda pros working for it. They float the idea that in-house pedophiles are just occasional wanderers from the ethical status quo.

Whereas the priesthood is closer to an ad for men who like little boys.

“You can wear an official robe and we’ll protect you. If you get caught, we’ll move you around from diocese to diocese until you disappear, and you’ll never have to serve a day in jail or pay a fine. Ask yourself if this profession is right for you…”

The government wants us to believe that alternatives to oil are extremely difficult to come by (except for nuke reactors that can destroy life on Earth).

Presidents will always pay lip service to gaining independence from foreign oil.

But this is all backwards propaganda. The truth runs more like this: “We want to fight wars and control land and kill people and blow up whatever we can. We need a reason to do that. So, when we talk to influential corporate types and insiders, we focus on energy. We say we have to keep the oil flowing, that’s why we go in there and destabilize countries and set up new puppets and kill, kill, kill.”

What? Energy isn’t the real reason?

No it isn’t. The real reason is lunatics want to kill people and control land.

Here’s how you make energy. You turn a wheel. Call it a turbine. Set up the wheel in conjunction with magnetic fields, and you can produce energy. Electricity.

Those huge dams? Those nuke plants? They end up turning wheels. Water, steam. They spin the wheel.

Well, there is this thing called the ocean. You may have heard of it. And then there are smaller narrower versions called rivers.

The water moves. It flows. It’s strong. Small turbines in rivers and larger ones in coastal inlets, where the ocean tide varies from quite high to low—and you can turn the wheel.

It’s not that perplexing.

If you want to get fancy, you can build plants offshore and split water into hydrogen and oxygen and use the hydrogen for energy.

Here’s where the domeheads enter the scene and exclaim this is all about “cost-effectiveness.”

No it isn’t.

If you need to, check out the history of government subsidies and loopholes that exist for people who make oil in the ground into energy and nuke factories hum.

Do you think these industries survive on pure free-market capitalism? Kidding? They’re supported. All sorts of deals shore up their back-end.

So, on a far, far lesser scale, ocean/river turbines and hydrogen from sea water might need a subsidy boost, but compared to oil and nukes, we’re talking pennies on the dollar.

Energy independence has been there for us, for a long time, but that isn’t the point. The military industrial complex doesn’t want it. They want to fight wars, and they need a reason they can give to “people in the know”: oil.

It’s all backwards.

The propaganda is enormous. It includes numerous psyops designed to make the public believe in energy shortages, as well as “necessary wars.”

These people and their allies are inventing, day by day, a reality that implies the need for war.

Read “The Dream of Passamaquoddy,” the story of the Maine tidal electricity project JFK supported for many years. It’s a prime illustration of how a feasible source of energy was stalled, deflected, wrapped in red tape, politicized, and undermined.

To understand war, start with the psychology of the men who make it happen. They may talk about geopolitics and energy, but they’re obsessed with attacking, destroying, and killing.

They’re Attila the Hun in suits and military uniforms.

In the delusion called consensus reality, whole populations admire these gangsters, who represent the generalized desire for some kind of revenge against life-as-it-is.

“Okay, boys, all of us in this room here are on the same page. We can let down our guard. We know we love to kill and maim and bomb and enslave and take over land. That’s what we live for. So we need to ID some valuable thing we say is very, very scarce, without which life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Get it? And we privately tell Presidents and legislators and heavy hitters we have to go to war to safeguard this very scarce thing and make sure we can still obtain it. Ha-ha. And for our purposes, the thing is ENERGY. Right? We do whatever it takes to make everybody believe energy is scarce and hard to come by and limited and so on, and war is okay because we fight to make sure we have access to energy. It’s all backwards…but who cares?”


Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails

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Egyptian Mummy and Bronze Statues Found in Yorkshire, UK

Gee, it’s turning out to be ancient history week at The Big Picture and the picture is getting bigger every day!

Flooded cities and forests, new pyramids, ancient ET time capsules, NEW ISLANDS! and now Egyptians in Britain. When they said amazing things would be revealed to us in the coming days, they weren’t kidding.  History is proving to be far more interesting than they let on.

As for the timing… well, we’ll have to get that sorted because these relics may be dated further back than they say.  These dates may be on Illuminati time and we know they chopped massive chunks of time out of our evolution to hide the truth of our origins and the numerous extraterrestrial races who visited and settled this planet over the millennia.  ~ BP

EXCLUSIVE: Barnsley… Valley of T’ut Kings as Egyptian Mummy is Dug Up

When it comes to bragging, the people of Barnsley haven’t had too much to shout about—until now.


The South Yorkshire town famously gave the nation union firebrand Arthur Scargill, cricket umpire Dickie Bird and chat show host Michael Parkinson of course, not to mention comedian Harry Worth.


And back in 1977 it was the first place in the UK to get a bottle bank to recycle glass.

But now it turns out Barnsley has enjoyed a secret and barely believable past.

It has just been revealed that around 2,000 years ago it was home to ancient Egyptians and there may even be mummies buried beneath the streets.

Mummy, Barnsley, Discovered, Yorkshire, Egyptian, Britain, Queen Nefertiti, Luxor


It appears that Barnsley was home to many ancient Egyptians. “Mummies in Yorkshire, how good does it get?”

~ Egyptologist Joann Fletcher

Stunned archaeologists have found a mummy cast which covered the embalmed, linen-wrapped body of a child who was buried around 300AD.


They say it proves that embalming and mummifying customs took place in South Yorkshire.

They have also uncovered bronze statues of Egyptian gods.

Forensic tests on ancient human bones found in the area have proved that some of those buried around Barnsley in ancient times had been born and raised in North Africa.

Mummy, Barnsley, Discovered, Yorkshire, Egyptian, Britain, Queen Nefertiti, Luxor


The gypsum mummy cast is among a selection of exhibits now on show.

It is believed the first Egyptian settlers ended up in and around Barnsley of all places thanks to their habit of following the Roman Army on its all-conquering rampage across Europe, arriving in Britain in 43AD.


“Mummies in Yorkshire, how good does it get?” said Egyptologist Joann Fletcher, a professor of archaeology at the University of York.

“You don’t think 2,000 years ago ancient Egyptians came to Yorkshire, but they did.”

Due to Yorkshire’s damp climate, the Egyptians living there wrapped the bodies of their dead in linen and then encased the corpse in a layer of gypsum plaster.

Delighted by the discovery of the mummy cast from the child’s grave, Professor Fletcher, who was part of the expedition which claimed to have found the mummy of Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor in 2003, is now dreaming of finding a fully preserved mummy somewhere near Barnsley, but fears it could a decade of digging to find.

Mummy, Barnsley, Discovered, Yorkshire, Egyptian, Britain, Queen Nefertiti, Luxor


If things had been different we could have ended up with the pyramids in Yorkshire rather than Egypt

“We’ve only just started looking to be honest, because until very recently who knew these existed?” she said.


“There’s certainly evidence that Romans in our part of the world were embalming and wrapping in linen their dead, according to Egyptian customs.

“Analysis on some bones shows these individuals were born and raised in North Africa.

“That’s a scientific fact so it really does widen horizons, in some ways it blows your mind.

Mummy, Barnsley, Discovered, Yorkshire, Egyptian, Britain, Queen Nefertiti, Luxor


By eck! What would Dickie Bird make of the news! [GETTY]

“There is evidence around Thurnscoe of burial pits and more work needs to be done because this is just the tip of the iceberg. Come back in 10 years.”


The gypsum mummy cast from the child’s grave is among a selection of exhibits now on show at the Experience Barnsley Museum in Barnsley Town Hall.

Egypt became part of the Roman Empire when Mark Antony and his lover Cleopatra, the last pharaoh, were defeated at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC.

One of the silver coins minted in Rome to pay the legionnaires who fought in that historic victory has been found in Darfield, just outside Barnsley.




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Believe It! Resistance to Corporate Power and Warmongering Is Growing All Around Us

Rain's picture

Submitted by Rain on Mon, 09/23/2013 – 03:27 – Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, 9/20/13

This week we reflect on the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the fifth anniversary of the financial collapse.

There are reasons to celebrate despite continued economic stagnation and growing debt: the culture of resistance in the US is here and it’s having an effect. The corporate power that has so blatantly stomped on our rights and whipped Congress to do its bidding is faltering and losing its grip. There are cracks in the pillars of power, and it’s up to us to pry them open and shine light on the lies and corruption that have been used to steal our future. We see a movement that is building momentum.








Latin America No Longer ‘US’ Backyard’ – Ecuadorian Foreign Minister

Saturday, September 21st, 2013. Filed under: Big Brother Economic Manipulations Politics of War
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Latin America is no longer the “US’ backyard” and the US shouldn’t be “lecturing less developed countries” on “rights and freedoms,” while breaching international law with massive surveillance campaign itself, Ecuadorian FM Ricardo Patino told RT.

Patino also said the incident involving Bolivian President Morales, whose plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Austria, cannot be ignored and that if such an incident had happened to an American or European leader flying over a Latin American country it could have sparked a war.

The Ecuadorian foreign minister spoke to Eva Golinger on RT Spanish.

RT: Mr. Patino, thank you for joining us here on RT.

Ricardo Patino: Thank you, Eva, thank you for inviting me. I would like to greet all the people who are listening to us all over the world. Listening, not eavesdropping.

RT: I would like to start with the most recent events. The presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua have officially stated that they are willing to grant political asylum to former CIA employee Edward Snowden, who revealed top secret information on the US espionage program. The three countries are members of ALBA, so this step was perceived as a kind of collective asylum offer by the whole region. What is Ecuador’s stance on the neighboring countries offering asylum to Snowden? As of now, is Latin America the stronghold of justice and solidarity?


Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino (AFP Photo)Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino (AFP Photo)


RP: While going through democratization, developing in social, economic and political spheres, Latin American countries also secured their position in the international arena and now express their own opinions. The 1954 Caracas Convention on Diplomatic Asylum states that Latin America is concerned about human rights issues. We considered Julian Assange’s request for asylum last year, and similarly, we have considered Snowden’s. We welcome other countries’ willingness to grant asylum to Snowden. After what happened to President Evo Morales there’s no doubt that Snowden is being persecuted on a global level.

RT: Mr. Patino, you said that the Ecuadorian authorities have considered Snowden’s request for asylum. Are you still considering it? That is, is Ecuador still considering the possibility of granting asylum to Edward Snowden or is it enough that other Latin American countries have offered it?

RP: In my opinion, the more countries offer asylum, the better. Naturally, Ecuador is still considering this possibility, but it’d be better if 10, 20, 100 states offered asylum instead of just three. More countries should realize what he did, what he uncovered and consider granting Snowden asylum.

RT: How significant is the information about the US mass espionage that Mr. Snowden revealed for Ecuador? Ecuador has a long history of its own when it comes to the CIA and whistleblowers. For example, in his book former CIA agent Philip Agee revealed the US involvement in a coup in Ecuador. Did this new information come as a surprise for the Ecuadorian people or were they ready for it? 

RP: It was more than just a surprise – we were outraged. We knew the US was doing it, but now it’s been unequivocally proven. It just indicates that the American intelligence agencies responsible for ensuring ‘security’ have refined their tactics. In the past they planted bugs to find out what our presidents thought. They keep doing that, by the way. Recently, about three weeks ago, we found a hidden microphone in our embassy in London. But the technology has gone way beyond that. Now they know what people all over the world say, and getting close to their targets to plant bugs isn’t as important. They control communications on the global level, and many transnational corporations, unfortunately, are their partners in crime, which allows them to violate international laws and agreements.


The national flag flies outside Ecuador's embassy in central London (Reuters / Chris Helgren)The national flag flies outside Ecuador’s embassy in central London (Reuters / Chris Helgren)



RT: Minister, you just mentioned the recently-discovered microphone in Ecuador’s embassy in London. It was determined that the microphone belonged to a private British surveillance company. Do you believe they were spying on you according to Washington’s instructions? How are you planning to fight such outrageous violation of your country’s sovereignty?

RP: This situation certainly is outrageous. We asked for UK’s cooperation in this investigation to determine who exactly was spying, and where this information was transmitted to. According to our preliminary investigation, we suspect that the surveillance company CK was receiving the data. But we need the UK’s technical assistance to confirm this information. Also a criminal case should be started.

It is unacceptable to spy on a country’s diplomatic mission staying in another country upon the latter’s invitation. We don’t have such technical capacities as developed countries do. But we are convinced that in this case, the UK will show the proper tolerance, unlike in the case of Assange, and will help Ecuador in its efforts to find those responsible for espionage in our embassy. It’s hard to tell now when the bug was planted; it’s much easier technically to find out who was receiving the data, which we will hopefully do with UK’s help and permission.

RT: Let’s go back to the information leaked by Edward Snowden. International media have reported the recent mass espionage by the US in Brazil. What does Ecuador think about it? Do you think the US could’ve performed the same kind of espionage in Ecuador as well? If so, how would it impact your relations with Washington?

RP: Sadly, the more information we get the more we are frustrated. Other than Brazil, espionage has been reported in a number of countries, including Ecuador. I just learned about it several minutes ago. There’s evidence that the US has been spying on our countries. The entire world has been affected by the US espionage, whether it’s alleged enemies or friends and neighbors of this country. At a certain point, someone mistakenly referred to Latin America as the US’ backyard. So we’d like to ask the international community if they think the US has lost its so-called back yard and decided to establish it elsewhere. In Latin America, this kind of era is coming to an end, and we will never be anyone’s backyard the way it was during the military dictatorship times.


Supporters of Bolivia's President Evo Morales burn a head mask of U.S. President Barack Obama which is on top of a fake coffin bearing Obama's name (Reuters / David Mercado)Supporters of Bolivia’s President Evo Morales burn a head mask of U.S. President Barack Obama which is on top of a fake coffin bearing Obama’s name (Reuters / David Mercado)


This is now a proper sovereign developing region, and its people are growing stronger. Our way is the way of ideology, so it looks like other regions are now becoming the US’ backyards. Some countries had been subject to espionage and sovereignty violation, but didn’t demand a response from those who breached the international conventions. Instead, they took such severe measures as in dealing with President Morales when his life itself was jeopardized. So one should be careful saying where the backyard really is right now. Latin America, including Ecuador, has a higher level of sovereignty and independence.

RTLet’s talk about the recent plane-grounding incident when the presidential jet of Evo Morales was forced to land en route from Moscow to Bolivia. Some European countries abruptly blocked their airspace to him, and that made President Correa call an emergency summit of the UNASUR in Cochabamba. The summit came up with a statement that unanimously condemned the illegal action undertaken against President Morales. So have the Non-Aligned Movement and The Group of 77, which represent a large part of the international community. They expressed their anger over the incident and openly supported Bolivia and Latin America. But what specific measures can be taken to rebuke these European countries that committed such an offensive act against Bolivia? Are any sanctions possible?

RP: When we talk about the Latin American response to the incident, please bear in mind the differences that we have. You can’t say all the governments think alike. Yes, there is a certain common ground. However, when a tough response is required, the governments take diverging positions. But it is true that the incident caused a strong response. Remember that the Organization of American States is meeting today and we hope it speaks no less strongly and convincingly than the countries that have already voiced their opinion on the subject.

The OAS Secretary General has already given a clear and timely comment in his praiseworthy statement. What we should do is turn those countries accountable for their behavior and make them apologize. We must make the situation clear.

It’s not like Mr. Morales was told they wouldn’t allow him to leave Russia – although that would have been a true debacle.


Bolivian presidential plane taxis to the runway before leaving the Vienna International Airport in Schwechat July 3, 2013 (Reuters / Heinz-Peter Bader)Bolivian presidential plane taxis to the runway before leaving the Vienna International Airport in Schwechat July 3, 2013 (Reuters / Heinz-Peter Bader)


The incident took place during the flight, when he had already had the permission to cross France’s airspace. And that’s when they told him, “Mr. President, you cannot enter our airspace.” They endangered his life, because he wanted the plane to go back and request permission to fly over some other country, but they told him he couldn’t do that either. That’s why the presidential jet had to make an emergency landing. That was too much!

President Correa made it clear that this incident cannot be ignored. Had that happened to a European or US leader flying over a Latin American country, it could have started a war. They would have immediately sent bomber planes and troops to that country to ‘save’ their president.

So we decided we should act accordingly. What we wanted was to get those governments to apologize and assure us that would never happen again. You can’t go on discriminating against countries, believing that international law is applicable to some and not applicable to others. You can’t divide countries into first-class and second-class. That’s unacceptable! This is a violation of every international agreement and every human right – just like this pervasive international espionage. Not only does wiretapping our phone calls and reading our letters go against ethics, but it also blatantly infringes upon Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrines the right to privacy, the right to be protected against being spied on.

Now, the Declaration certainly has a different wording, but I gave you the general idea. It’s high time we started to respect all the countries in the world instead of putting some of them above all others.



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Overcoming Societal Stockholm Syndrome

Saturday, September 21st, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Consciousness Mind Control Orwellian World
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[The world is displaying this syndrome something fierce, similar to PTSD – or post traumatic stress disorder. A very telling tale that helps explain the mass hysteria we’re all embroiled in. – Zen]

“In the 1970s, a strange psychological phenomenon was identified: in traumatic abduction situations, a certain percentage of the population is prone to falling in love with their abductors. But if we are living in a societal prison of the mind, then are there those who have fallen in love with their mental jailers? Find out more about societal Stockholm syndrome in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.”

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